Sunday, May 30, 2010

Never Forget

Never forget the freedoms we enjoy in this country have been paid for in blood.

Never forget at election time that we must also fight to keep our freedom and regain that which an overreaching government has taken away.

And never forget that there are many spiritual symbols on the graves of the fallen.

© Rev. Selena Fox, Circle Sanctuary

Honor our military and never forget.

Bravo Zulu.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

More On Arizona

So Obama and the Mexican government think Arizona is wrong to pass a law that merely enforces immigration regulations that the Feds won't?

Even the National Park Service knows better.

As an example of the enormity of the problem, this is an area near the Arizona-Mexican border where illegals discard what they brought with them across the border:

Probably the best reason of all for the passage of Constitutional gun carry in Arizona.

Gee, do you suppose one of the reasons Mexico is upset is that maybe they really don't want these paragons of society in their country? They sure don't seem to want them back. But they (and other Latin American governments) sure don't mind the billions of dollars they send to the folks back home.

Drugs and drug components are smuggled in from Mexico by the ton, and the Government thinks making me sign for a lousy box of Sudafed at the pharmacy counter is the answer?

Oh, cry the leftists, they just want jobs! Never mind the methods they so often use to get them.

Of course, Obama ultimately wants to give them all amnesty and citizenship so they'll vote for him in 2012. There's more than one way to steal an election.

Remember in November, and make sure the Obama administration's agenda for the continued progress of this country down the toilet is as difficult as possible.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Heller Who?

A mother of three receives threats after she helps a shooting victim. Gang members say they will kick in her door and "do things" to her and her children. That would certainly justify considering a firearm for personal defense, but the woman and her family live in Omaha Housing Authority public housing.

OHA has always prohibited legally owned firearms of any kind in their facilities. After the Supreme Court's decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, OHA debated the ramifications and decided they would continue to ban effective defensive tools for their residents.

But not only do they deny this woman the choice to obtain a firearm, they denied her request for an emergency transfer to a different OHA facility, saying she has to go on a months-long waiting list.

So if the gang members follow through on their threats, will OHA accept responsibility for any injuries or deaths that result?

What do you think?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yet Another Reason Why I Like Linux

From an actual Linux distro man page:
5. Use step 4 and if the problem persists and is not secondary to a rogue program/daemon, get a 3.5 ft (approx. 1 meter) length of sucker rod* and have a chat with the user in question.

. . .

* Sucker rod def. - 3/4, 7/8 or 1in. hardened steel rod, male threaded on each end. Primary use in the oil industry in Western North Dakota and other locations to pump 'suck' oil from oil wells. Secondary uses are for the construction of cattle feed lots and for dealing with the occasional recalcitrant or belligerent individual.
For the non-geeks in the audience, a man page is a form of online help (i.e. a "manual page") that comes with Linux/UNIX operating systems. Snicker.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Boycotting Arizona?

Arizona passes a law that says (guess what?) illegal aliens are ILLEGAL, and treats them as such. Next thing you know, cities like San Francisco and Boston are saying they will stop doing business with Arizona over this, as they put it, "anti-immigration" law.

My grandparents on my father's side and great-grandparents on my mother's side were all immigrants from Poland and Czechoslovakia. They came to this country legally, crossing the Atlantic by ship and going through Ellis Island before ending up in Chicago. They learned English, and became naturalized citizens.

They followed the law and did it right.

Arizona's law isn't anti-immigration, it's anti-illegal-immigration. There is a legal process to follow if you want to live and work here. Mexico's own immigration laws are far different than what the Mexican government is demanding of this country regarding its citizens who come here illegally.

Personally, if they want to play the boycott game, I'm more than happy to boycott those cities that want to boycott Arizona. And maybe do some business myself with one company located there near Paulden.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Off To A Great Start

Many local candidates in Nebraska are running for reelection unopposed, so the pundits were expecting a miniscule turnout. Forty percent of registered voters proved them wrong.

Add the fact that Nebraska has closed primaries, and that's outstanding. Here's hoping the sleeping giant has been awakened, and major political pruning of the disease at all levels of government takes place in November.

Keep up the good work.

ETA: I should know better than to trust the TV news without checking my facts. Not all counties in Nebraska had such stellar results. To be fair, kinda, the more candidates that were running unopposed the lower the voter counts. I still feel the prevalence of unopposed candidates is not a good thing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Midterms Start

Tomorrow is the Nebraska primary for the fall midterm elections.

What really disgusts me is how many of the current idiots are running for reelection unopposed. The apathy is so strong that nobody can even be bothered to run against them. Bleah.

Never forget. Never forgive. Vote out every single socialist nanny-stater you can.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

When Nature Calls

While the latest oopsie by someone who should have known better didn't involve public restrooms, most of the embarrassing gun-carry incidents that make news seem to include shattered porcelain or weapons forgotten on top of toilet tanks or paper holders. No matter how distasteful the subject matter, it never hurts to remind folks of the importance of correct Concealed Carry Potty Procedures.

Nothing forces you to learn such things more effectively than a multi-day stretch at gun school where the amenities are row upon row of porta-johns. To underscore the importance, I once had the opportunity to learn from another's mistakes when a fellow student's Glock took the blue-slime-dive. Being a Glock, it was none the worse for wear after a good cleaning, and I understood and agreed with the school's policy of you-drop-it-in-you-fish-it-out. Per the safety briefing, the unfortunate individual immediately informed the others waiting in line of the occurrence and went to get his rangemaster. The rangemaster closely supervised the retrieval to ensure it was done safely. No, they didn't have any shoulder-length ick-proof gloves available.

Shoulder rigs and holsters that have their own belt independent of clothing like the SmartCarry or my house holster are no problem at all. IWB's that use your clothing to supply some or all of the holster's retention capability are the trickiest to manage. Rebuckling your belt after sitting down while keeping pressure against the holster with your knee keeps everything where it needs to stay. And no "wide stance" jokes, please; I have two X chromosomes, thankyouverymuch.

Men can get away without having to drop their drawers all the time, but us gals aren't so lucky. Plus when using the row-of-stalls type of public facility, we're more likely to encounter the small child in with mommy who peeks under the divider. Then an IWB is easier to hide behind your purse than a belt holster. Unfortunately, there's also a tiny chance somebody might glimpse something (hopefully) accidentally through the gap alongside the door. Cover it up whether there are kids present or not.

Best of all are the one-holers like they have at Starbucks. All the privacy in the world.

And if despite your best efforts your sidearm should escape, NEVER EVER try to catch a falling gun. Modern carry-suitable guns won't ND even if dropped on an exposed hammer, and a CLUNK is always better than a BANG under those awful circumstances. Keep those firing-pin springs fresh, folks. No gun make/model that has any history of going off spontaneously when dropped should ever be carried.

And I absolutely consider dropping your gun in the can to be NEGLIGENT.