Sunday, February 22, 2009

Live To Tell

I watched a CBS 48 Hours Mystery program last night called "Live To Tell." It's a new series they have about people who survive terrible experiences. The episode I saw was called "River's Edge." It told of a teenage couple's abduction at gunpoint and what happened after.

As I watched the program, I felt more and more disgusted and angry.

At least one of the victims was 18 years old. The age of majority in Pennsylvania. Old enough to get married and old enough to vote. Old enough to enlist in the military and receive training with weapons. Old enough under Pennsylvania law to possess a defensive firearm.

But not old enough under Pennsylvania law to obtain a permit to carry.

Too bad there's no age limit on violent crime.

And what did we do after this terrible ordeal? Ooh, we held a "Take Back The Night" rally where we lit candles and sang songs and talked about rape.

Well, that was real useful.

If you check out Take Back The Night's website, they say they want to "shatter the silence" about rape. I guarantee my .45 would shatter the silence real good, and repeatedly, if anyone was stupid enough to try to rape me again.

Last time I looked, violent criminals aren't too impressed by songs and candles. "Stop or I'll sing Kumbaya." Yeah, that'll have them quaking in their boots.

Don't get me wrong. Danielle Keener and Dan Zapp showed great courage in surviving a terrible experience against all odds. But it was all so unnecessary. That awful crime never had to happen. The most effective response to "Get in the f-ing truck" isn't "Please don't hurt me." It's BANGBANG, BANG.

I agree that rape survivors hiding their history solves nothing. I'll be more than happy to stand up and tell about mine. But the audience better be ready to hear the whole thing. Yes, I was raped, but now I'm not a soft target any more. You try to rape me and I will shoot you to the ground.

Now that has deterrent value.


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head, once again.

Anonymous said...

I hate ghetto vernacular, but

"You go girl!"

Any idea why so many men and women refuse to even think about the idea of taking responsibility for their own safety?

Anonymous said...

"At some point I realized that they started to move around up front. I realize that he’s raping her. That was really hard, to know that something that terrible was happening to somebody I cared about, and I was that close, but I couldn’t - there was nothing I could do about it. After he had raped Danielle he motioned with the gun, and he said, "Walk down there. Walk down by the river."

The real gravity of the situation started to hit me. I started to realize that I’m going to die today. That no matter what I try to do, this man is going to kill me. And today is going to be the last day of my life."

Wonder how much he would have paid to have been carrying at that point. Amazing that liberals can't relate to any of this.

Hecate said...

The same instructor who told me about the nurse who died blowing her whistle said when we watch the news, we should look for the failures of situational awareness, the tactical errors made, and the opportunities for action missed. Because the way to survive is not to merely defend, but counterattack with everything you have.

There were so many of these in the story, even for victims caught out without a gun. That was what really made me sick.

You are the weapon. Your pistol is just a tool.

Rob Taylor said...

Take Back The Night may have started as a worthy cause but it is now a simple celebration of the victimhood liberal ideology teaches people to crave.

Their situation was hopeless, and Dan had opportunities to at least try to die like a man (if I may be so politically incorrect, but I'm an old pagan who believes dying fighting gets you the good seats)but instead they simply followed instructions and hoped this deranged deviant wouldn't kill them.

This is what we teach kids nowadays. Hope for the best. Don't get me wrong having grown up in a bad inner city I know that it's better to try to outwit and escape people looking to kill you, but when there is no hope, but you can maybe save someone else by buying some time even if it means your life, isn't that what we should be teaching young men to do?

Sorry for the rant, but mincing "I felt terrible my old lady was being raped while i was being guarded by a dog" stories kill me a little inside.