Saturday, February 28, 2009

No Joy

Instead of spending today at gun school, I got to spend it at work.

Just to make it even more delightful, I don't even get overtime. And the class fee isn't refundable and can't be applied to another class.


If I try real hard, I can almost imagine I would have been miserable spending hours on an outdoor range at fifteen degrees and windy.



Anonymous said...

That stinks - sorry to hear it. Some good news for me - finally went out to check a local outdoor gun club and fired a shotgun for the first time! Woo-hoo!

Rio Arriba said...

Well that do bite.

But congrats on supporting the economy.

(Can't say I agree with such a draconian refund/re-apply policy. Sounds greedy to me.)

misbeHaven said...


A miserable day at the range is better than any day at work that isn't a regular work day. Especially when you don't get overtime.