Thursday, February 26, 2009

Told You They Were Yaks

Yucky, muddy yaks.

Judge's winter coat is actually almost white when if it's clean.

Farrah's too much of a lady to wallow in slop.

No, the Prince Valiant-look manes are not intentional. I let everything grow out over the winter and then fake-pull their manes to jumper length and bang their tails when the weather warms up.

Milton the EvilPony™ wanted to help.

It's supposed to rain today, followed by up to four or five inches of snow, followed by another warmup some time next week. Not seeing an end to Swamp Season any time soon.

Oh yeah. And I have a close-quarters gunfighting class this weekend. On an outdoor range.


Warthog said...

Close Quarters Gunfighting? I wanna go, LOL.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like an awesome class. You must blog all about it!