Sunday, February 1, 2009

Remind Me Again Why I Have Dogs

This morning I scrubbed out and filled the dogs' four-gallon stainless steel water bucket like I always do and was carrying it over to the bucket holder when . . .


The house shakes, the earth moves. Okay, they must be blasting at the limestone quarry down the road, although they don't usually do it this early in the morning.

And Harriet, the dumbest dog I've ever had in my entire life, freaks out, blasts right through the dog gate, and runs headlong into me spilling four gallons of water on the rug.

Harriet (L) and Lizzie (R)

Insert naughty words here.

At least it was clean water. The rug has seen worse, believe me.

Hmmm, about three cop cars just went screaming down the highway. Maybe it wasn't blasting at the quarry after all . . .


Warthog said...

Let us know if you ever find out what it was.

You have dogs because you love them, even if they are silly once in a while.

Ride Fast said...

Sorry, but that is pretty funny.

Hecate said...

Turned out it was blasting at the quarry after all. They must be opening up a new area, because they're blasting almost every day. Harriet is not pleased.

The police response was for an unrelated incident.

Hey, living in a meth county, you just never know.